Conferences and Exhibitions


Get the Most out of a Conference

An astute business professional can learn a lot by attending a professional conference. While much of the information will be related to their particular business, observation will teach them even more. Conferences often have exhibits for those attending. Some companies want to display their products at the conference. These are the best place to take on the role of an observer and learn.

Many companies that have display booths at conferences and business expositions will often use promo girls to attract attention. While many of them are models, a good observer will notice their smile is the most welcoming and attractive thing about them. Applying that concept in their office would be taking the time to hire a receptionist that has a friendly smile.

Further observation is still necessary for the attendee that wants to improve their business. Experiential marketing has become a way to associate emotion with a company or brand. Videos, pictures or even smells can be used to evoke an emotional response when viewing a product. A business person might adapt this information to their professional office by using a certain type of air freshener. Choosing a scent that many people associate with good memories will help clients identify with their business.

The exhibition staff members work hard to ensure customers will remember their company. Whether they use friendly, smiling models or the smell of cinnamon rolls to help customers remember does not really matter. What matters is that they have found a way to attract customers to their booth. Once they have a chance to speak to potential customers, companies have found a way to associate good feelings with their particular products or services. Using these techniques will help a professional with a small business or office to be more successful as well.